Drum tracks

For bedroom guitarists (or bassists, singers etc.). I found this site was pretty cool for getting a mix of the instruments to play along to:


Once you buy a song, you can download any combination of layers/tracks within that song such as click track, drum track, bass track etc.

I used Cockos Reaper and put the click track and drum track as two separate tracks.


Multitrack recording software – I recommend REAPER

I had a free version of Cubase LE that was bundled with my Zoom guitar effects pedal. This was great on XP but moving to Windows 7 64-bit it looked like I’d need to pay for an expensive upgrade.

A bit of research and I found Cokos Reaper http://www.reaper.fm/, only $40 for a personal license and it does everything I need. Also Zoom released a 64-bit ASIO driver for the 7.1ut guitar effect pedal which seems to work perfectly. Found I was up and running faster than the version of Cubase I was previously using.

Windows Movie Maker audio sync issues

I’ve recently used Windows Movie Maker to put together a video of me playing guitar (badly) which you can see here:
However because I recorded the audio separately, I tried to get the movies of each of the guitar parts to line up with the track. Because I’d converted the track to an MP3 using VBR (Variable Bit Rate), the preview was not playing the correct piece of audio so when I made the final movie it wasn’t the same as I’d seeing/hearing in the preview.
To work around this, I replaced the MP3 with the original WAV file.