Workaround: ReactScriptLoadException: Error while loading “~/build/server.bundle.js”: ReferenceError setTimeout is not defined

For a pet project I have Visual Studio Online using npm to install webpack and run a gulp task to package my ReactJS app that uses serverside rendering.

However when it deployed to the server, an error was shown that was not encountered locally:

ReactScriptLoadException: Error while loading “~/build/server.bundle.js”: ReferenceError setTimeout is not defined

I tracked the difference between my local execution (which works) and my server deploy to a point release difference in webpack 1.13.0 vs. 1.13.1. My package.json file had “webpack”: “^1.13.0” so VSO was installing the latest which was 1.13.1 but locally I still had 1.13.0 as I am not currently running npm automatically.

As a temporary workaround for this issue (and preferable way forward) I’ve removed the carat and opted to use webpack 1.13.0 explicitly (something I should have done in the first place) but I haven’t looked into why the behavioural change is occurring yet.


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