Control your lights from Windows Phone 7 using LightwaveRF

Using a Nokia Lumia or one of the other windows phones you can now control your lights and other appliances (UK only I think).

The system is using LightwaveRF no PC required!

Step 1: Buy one of these LightwaveRF Wifi things and plug it into your Wifi router

LightwaveRF Wifi-link for Remote Iphone or Android Mobile Phone Lighting Control

Step 2: Swap your existing light switch for one of these (variety of colours available):

LightwaveRF Remote 1 Gang Dimmer 250w Black Chrome Light Switch

Step 3: Get the unofficial Home Remote RF app from the market place

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I thought pairing the devices was pretty easy (much easier than X10 if you’ve used that and more reliable). LightwaveRF also has the advantage of remembering dim levels.

Read an in-depth review at:

Although the app featured in the review is for the official iPhone app not the unofficial WP7 one.


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