Useful frameworks and controls for WP7

Since I find myself using a common bag of goodies for WP7 development I thought I’d start listing them here.

Mvvm light*

NInject IoC

AgFX* (although using in conjunction with MVVM light you may find grating since concept of view model and model is a bit blurred although still blendable using the Sample Data approach).

Windows Phone Toolkit

Jump List Control

(although you should follow the suggestion in one of the follow up posts if you get an “unspecified error” because it doesn’t look as though Colin has updated the code).

* Also available on NuGET

Other stuff I want to look at but haven’t had a chance yet

WP7 Contrib – Caching, Messaging, Communciations, Services, Diagnostics and a bringing together of some good public WP7 controls.


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