Free iPad/iPod advertising

Thought I’d start to collate the news articles where the Media give free advertising to iPads that could easily have been any other device when covering disrelated or non-iPad specific news. Or it’s added in the headline when it is as incidental to the story as a common activity. I can see the irony in this blog post adding yet more coverage though 🙂

Scottish independence: Braveheart or iPad?
Seriously BBC most people can picture what £500 is and don’t need a reference to a product most people don’t own – specifically one made by a single company who don’t need the free advertising.

Glass aeroplanes and iPads on the way, say boffins

The body of the article doesn’t even mention iPads or any other tablet device but hey, why not shove it in the title.

Giffords standing up and using iPad

There are probably a number of other things she’s managed to do too but without such blatant product placement.

Has the iPod made us anti-social?

Not quite in the same vein but recent article on BBC News seems to suggest Apple invented MP3 players:

“The personal stereo has been around for three decades. But the iPod – by far the
biggest selling MP3 player – has taken it well beyond the limitations of its
bulky earlier equivalents”

What??! I’m not saying the iPod wasn’t more successful but they did not fill the gap between today’s MP3 players and yesterdays Walkmans. I owned a Sony lighter sized MP3 player way before the iPod came out … well I say MP3 it actually natively used ATRAC and the software wouldn’t install on latest version of Windows… last Sony product I ever bought…. maybe I’ve digressed too far.


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