Switches and mains network plugs can = switching loop/slow network

I was using a load of Comtrends adapters (same principal but different protocol to HomePlugs) for my network when a power surge followed by outtage caused a couple of them to blow.
Rather than reinvest in replacing these hefty sized plugs I decided to get a network switch and plug this into the mains network plug so that a few devices downstairs could share the network.
Upstairs I did the same thing for my network printer and PC, two devices in a switch sharing a mains network adapter.
Unfortunately this is like plugging two switches together and creates a switching loop which slowly ground my network to a halt – it didn’t go wrong completely but stuff stopped working as well as it used to.
So it looks like either I take the plunge and go for all mains adapters or I look at putting in CAT6 cabling and limiting the network to a single switch.

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