15 minute upload timeout

I finally managed to get around the issue of .NET closing my socket before I’d finished with it. It was closing after 15 minutes as mentioned in my previous post. Unfortunately it was all futile because the Silverlight Streaming Server closes the connection a few seconds later that results in the exception:

Unable to write data to the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

Quite a bit of digging around on the silverlight.net forums showed this post which refers to the following info on MSDN:

How To: Upload an Application

This procedure describes how to upload a Silverlight-based application to the Silverlight Streaming server.

Important note:There are three upload limits to keep in mind:

  • Any video file within the application archive: not bigger than 22 MB
  • Application archive (ZIP with all application files and manifest): not bigger than 30 MB
  • Overall Silverlight Streaming storage quota: 4 GB

There is also a 15-minute timeout on upload. In case the upload process hangs or if the upload is taking longer than 15 minutes, it will timeout and fail.

Now I seem to be a bit stuck since:

  • The application must be smaller than 30mb otherwise I can’t upload it over my broadband connection
  • Only a single application can be passed into the initParamsof the createHostedObjectEx() call (at least this appears to be the case)
  • You can’t add files to an existing application, you have to replace the application

So basically I seem to be limited to a 30mb zip file for any video I want to cache for my application. The only alternative I can see is to launch separate Silverlight applications for cached content.


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