Some screenshots of how it’s progressing so far…

1) Intro movie that I created using povray. This movie I’ve hosted on the Silverlight Streaming servers. Piles of photos on the left depict the categories, bigger piles represent larger categories.


2) As you drill down the menus on the left, the icon and label animate to the breadcrumb at the top. I might use the now blank space to show more thumbnails. The tabs at the bottom show Photos, Movies and Order. This order category has been a bit tacked on but it does work and allows a selection of photos to be uploaded to photobox.

Full size images use a bit of [Scriptable] magic to use html to launch a popup containing the full size image. Toggle quality switches between bit-rates for movies (I used WMV9 Advanced Profile to create the VC-1 movies) so this button is currently a bit misplaced on the photo page.


3) A large spinning progress cog is used to indicate any progress like buffering and loading the menus (I’ll probably regret this at some point but it’s an iterative process).


I wrote a Windows Service to poll for new orders and since this is a lightweight site I’ve used a remoting singleton to report on the current state of the upload so that feedback can be given to the user. This singleton is then exposed by a web-service, which is in turn polled by the Silverlight app.


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