The beginnings of my photo/video browser

I’m learning Silverlight and for my "hello world" app I’ve chosen to reimplement my family photo, video and music site. So I keep track of what I’m learning I’ll blog it here.
Firstly the "legacy" system I have already built in .NET 2.0 at a high-level creates xml menu files for driving the navigation on the website.

It has a number of plugins to

    • extract Exif information
    • create thumbnails, playlists, web preview images
    • create movie files in Divx, Wmv (standard and VC-1) and Quicktime formats
    • render 3d artwork using Povray (e.g. piles of photos that are bigger depending on the size of the category)
    • extract stills from movies to create animated thumbnails
    • uses Amazon webservice to search for album art and then screenscrape the images to produce a 3d view of the CD case

This system is separate from the website itself so that I could easily move away from ASP.NET to an alternative interface and that’s exactly what I’m doing now….


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